Monday, July 20, 2009

Ready, Set, Search!

A lot has been written about Microsoft's new bing search, er, decision engine, and whether it has what it takes to beat (or at least match) Google. But why pick one or the other when you can use them both at the same time, and compare their search results?

Get the best of both worlds with Bing versus Google.

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Sabra said...

Interesting. I think I'm sticking with Google. Their interface is much cleaner, for one, but I really disliked Bing putting results for different searches on the front search page.

For the record, I repeated my last search, which was "Joe Biden." After six search results--none of which were either or, which Google gave me early on--Bing went to "Joe Biden Quotes", "Joe Biden Scandal", "Joe Biden Issues", & "Joe Biden Voting Record." Really, if I was looking for anything other than general info, I would have put those terms in the search engine!