Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apollo 11 "Live"

Following the "live" CapCom feed on We Choose The Moon is pretty cool. Some observations:

  • Lots of NASA lingo and acronyms.

  • Antsy Mission Control in Houston badgering the crew for radio checks.

  • Occasional departures from the all-business military attitude to describe the view of Earth or pass on birthday wishes.

  • Lots of interesting (to me) minutia of instrument readings, equipment status, settings, and so on.

  • Even though they're the only two stations on the frequency, Houston and the crew continue to alert each other with callsigns.
    "Apollo 11, this is Houston."
    "Houston, 11, go ahead."

At just over 5 hours into the flight, and 22,000 miles from Earth, they're travelling around 12,000 feet per second on their way to the Moon. And an appointment with history.

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