Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Game

Today I have not one game, but four. They're part of the Japanese brain training craze. At the end of each one, it does a scientific calculation to tell you how old your brain is at that task.

Part 1: Numbers. The numbers flash on the screen; quickly remember their positions and click the circles in order from lowest to highest.

Part 2: Math. Fill in the missing operator to finish the equation.

Part 3: Colors and words. Be sure to pick English first! Look at the color of the top word (ignore the word), and click the word of that color below (ignore the color).

Part 4: Pattern recognition. Four patterns of colored squares display; pick the one that doesn't match.

Re-run them to make your brain younger!

1 comment:

Shannon Perry said...

This is also an iPhone app. I am such a geek.