Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last Friday I linked to the cinematic for the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game. (I've watched it, and the trailer, dozens of times already.) I love to play Rock Band, and I more than love The Beatles, so seems like a perfect match, no?

One problem: I don't own an Xbox. I'm a PC gamer.

But... but... Beatles Rock Band is reproducing the Fab Four's instruments! I'm so smitten that I'm seriously considering selling off a kidney just to get this stuff.

  • Xbox 360: $300

  • Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle, with the game, Ringo's Ludwig Pearl drums, and Paul's Hofner bass: $250

  • John's Rickenbacker 325 guitar: $100

  • George's Gretsch Duo Jet guitar: $100

And while the game comes with one mic and a mic stand, it supports two mics so you can recreate The Beatles' well-known harmonies.

Somebody stop me before I start recreating their outfits.


Seayjay said...

Uhhhh.... what's your blood type?

Lynn Sinclair said...

NT, you don't need another game. Didn't you know that all you need is love?

Jesse said...

Have you heard of Frets on Fire? It's a PC recreation of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games.

I don't play it, so I'm not sure what it entails, but it may be a nifty solution for you.

Shannon said...

i want this too!!!