Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Ok, so I found this anagram generator. It's pretty cool to mess around with, but trying using the advanced search to cut down the results. I shaved of nearly 5000 combinations that way! (I still ended up with 15,541.)

Some of the many funny anagrams of "Nuclear Toast" that cracked me up are:

Casual Rotten
Larcenous Tat
Reactant Soul
Tacos Neutral
Casual Net Rot
Anal Sect Tour
Cleans Tar Out
Ocean Art Slut
Also Truncate
Lot Rant Sauce
Cola Teat Runs

And, of course, Crustal Oaten.


Lynn Sinclair said...

"Reactant Soul" and "Anal Sect Tour" are my favourites.

Shannon said...

me gusta tacos neutral