Thursday, May 07, 2009

Texts From... Whenever

Since I'm totally addicted to Texts From Last Night, I went through my recent text history to see what I could find. They may not be of TFLN quality, but some of 'em are pretty good.

  • This spell check is awesome.

  • don't know how to tell you this... your gloves didn't make it.

  • Metermaid on segway. Oh the humiliation.

  • Wooooooo hooooooo! Kawf kawf. Good ride.

  • Woman just caught bus with baguette sticking out of her backpack. No celery apparent.

  • Ok. So if i start at 2 i can go to bed at some point today?

  • Filled up two 8-ton trucks. Tell me I don't know how to do PR now, beeyatches!

  • Watching serenity. Surprisingly violent, given the name. Still want to be Zoe. Maybe Mal.

  • Let me know if you dont get the pics i texted.

  • To boldly flare where no lens has flared before. Woof. Great movie, though.

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