Wednesday, March 04, 2009

News Flash

Dear web designers,

Stop using Flash for your menus. Please. Every web designer that uses Flash to have menus and other navigation selections fly out automatically and obscure the content on their site that I'm actually trying to see should be forced to work as birthday party coordinators at Chuck E. Cheese. Every weekend, and three nights a week.

Stop using Flash intros. Nobody cares but your marketing department. And if you don't put a Skip link there, you should be forced to clean bedpans at a nursing home. Every night of the week.

Stop resizing my browser window. Or the worse sin, opening a new, special-sized window with no menus or controls. Last time I checked, I was using my browser to visit your site, not be owned by it. Browser hijackers should be locked in a room and forced to visit every single page on Myspace. And GeoCities.

Don't make me take away all your black clothes. Just quit it. And get the hell off my lawn.

Yours truly,


ParticleJam said...


That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

amen. die flash die. long live silverlight menus and intros!

Tystarr said...

silverlight? Whats wrong with ol css and html?