Thursday, February 05, 2009

Going Viral

So I see a lot of the intartubes, right? When I see stuff I think you, my regular readers, would be interested in, I compile it in the weekly Activity Corner. So imagine my surprise when, a week ago, my inbox started overflowing with comments about my McPizza cooksperiment.

It turns out that someone pointed to that post on a popular social bookmarking site called StumbleUpon. See for yourself what happens when my daily average of around 45 visits is confronted by a deluge of new intarwebz viewers:

Kinda skews the graph a bit. But it looks like things are quickly returning to normal. Which is good, because I hate dressing up for company.


Anonymous said...

The comment thread on that post still cracks me up. Especially the "photoshopped!" comment. LOL.

Reminds me of Internet Commenter Business Meeting

Sabra said...

I found you through that post. And then promptly burned more than an hour reading other posts. You're on my daily reads list now.