Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December, Back in Aught Eight

Plowless in Seattle
The funny thing about the weather is it's so local and (generally) fleeting, so you normally can't talk about it with people who don't live in your area because, frankly, they don't care. Oh wait, maybe that's just me...

It was funny coming back to work this week after Snowpocalypse '08, because everyone was talking about it. Random discussions in the hall about how hard it was to get somewhere, accidents, tire chains, shoveling snow, being stuck somewhere, and having to dip into the Y2K supplies. You know, war stories.

But I'm grateful, for two reasons. First, some day I get to tell grandchildren-aged people about the big snowstorm of aught eight. And, because Seattle is a very hilly city, I get to grouse about how I walked through the snow. Uphill. Kids these days, I tell ya.


ParticleJam said...

I can just see it now..

"Gosh darn it, that Global Warming stuff has made life easy for you kids. Why, back in the day, in fact if was December of 2008, why it snowed so hard..."

Lynn Sinclair said...

In Canada, talking about the effects of the most recent snowstorm is required before any other topics of conversation --

"How was the drive to work?"

"I shoveled six times today."

"Lucking thing I got those new snow tires."

"There was a huge accident on the highway."

We're a very quiet bunch in the summer.

julia said...

oh yes, it was looking alot like that where i am