Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Warning You!

I took this picture the other day. I think it speaks for itself.

And I mean it!

Lunch tampering seems to be the most common workplace problem, judging by the posts over at Passive-Aggressive Notes. (And, yes, I submitted this photo to them.)


Tony Easton said...

I wonder if they want their lunch back in its original state or if they're willing to take it post-consumption?

Lynn Sinclair said...

If I were inclined to be a lunch thief, I'm not sure I'd trust the safety of the food I stole. I mean, wouldn't it be the easiest thing in the world to add a few not so nice ingredients? Think food coloring, laxatives or even something more foul.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what security was going to do about it. Buy him a new lunch? "Uh, do you have any suspects?" "No, but it is someone that accesses this fridge."