Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nom Nom Nominee

A co-worker brought in leftover caramel apples from his Halloween party last weekend. Let me be the first to nominate them as the best caramel apples ever.

  1. Apples plus caramel equals awesome.

  2. The caramel coating contained chili powder. Spicy awesome.

  3. The caramel apples were rolled in or sprinkled with Heath bar bits. Spicy toffee awesome.

He dropped off the apples in a large, heavy-duty Ziploc bag. Once I was done with the apple, I had the bag inside-out on my hand, like some clear tasty puppet, licking off the gooey goodness. I didn't even care what the passersby thought as they looked at me. Although, in retrospect, they might have been looking at me because of the licking and "Mmmm"ing noises they heard as they walked by.


Unknown said...

I posit that the licking and nomming noises were no different than what your coworkers have come to expect. ;)

Kent Walter said...

As the other half of this particular office, I second this motion. Fa-hantastic.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Where's a picture when you need it? Licking the inside-out plastic bag -- wish I could've seen it.

CJ said...

why did he have a halloween party before halloween? Who cares, you got yummy treats!

Ash said...

Strange mental picture