Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Handle With Carelessness

Every week when I go to the grocery store, I very carefully select my produce. No dents on the apples, bananas appropriately green, no bruised tomatos, no puncture marks on the (green and/or red) peppers. That sort of thing. It's even more important when getting choice items like peaches or extremely ripe avocados.

When it's time to check out, I carefully place the produce at the back of the conveyor belt, with the idea that it can be lovingly placed on top of the other, harder and more stable, groceries.

But that idea is systematically smashed asunder when the checker, apparently singlemindedly oblivious, brutally tosses the fruit and veggies down to the bagger like so many mini bowling balls. Or, if they're packing the bag, they just whallop 'em in there with no regard to what they land on or how they roll about. What's up with that?

They always treat the egg cartons like treasured heirlooms. If they keep it up, I swear I'm gonna dump out eggs in the dairy aisle and use the cartons for my produce.


CJ said...

Same goes for bread. The lazy checkers put the loaf in the same bag as a 2-liter of pop and by the time I get home, my once puffy loaf of bread is smashed! Maybe they need to go back to bagger school.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe you remember the guy at QFC with the onion. "Uh, that's my onion...." I somehow didn't think that it needed to be pounded on the counter while he thought. And that was a f-ing onion.

Lynn Sinclair said...

My local grocery cashiers are pretty kind with the produce, so I have no complaints. But like you, I'm careful with how I place my items on the belt --heavy stuff first, squishable items last.