Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Death in the Family

The warning signs were there, if often inexplicable. The sudden memory loss, the blackouts, the restorative care. But after a long and costly fight, the end arrived. An IRQ bluescreen, a flatlined RAID array, and my cherised gaming system was dead.

As it lay there, its unblinking LEDs now dim, the normal healthy blue glow replaced by somber nothingness, all I could do was look to the sky, clench my fists, and scream at the unfeeling Fates who had taken yet another system before its time.

Farewell, my baby. Know that as I pluck your cold silicon brain and circuit board organs from your lifeless shell, I will recall fondly the hours we've spent together, battling opponents real and imaginary. And that your replacement is, even now, making its way to me. But you will be missed, at least until your replacement is up and running.

Then the emptiness in my life, and in my heart, will be filled. I will be whole again. Order, balance, and happiness will be restored. The circle of life.

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DK said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Also - you are a geek.