Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bacon Beans!

I recently went to Archie McPhee and got a tin of Bacon Beans:
Bacon Beans
Yes, that's right, bacon-flavored jelly beans. Which are, of course, awesome. I took them to work, which turned out to be an interesting anthropological experiment. As I offered them to my co-workers, I found out that they fall into one of three categories:

  • People who were grossed out by the idea and wouldn't try them;

  • People who would try one and then politely decline any more.

  • People who thought they were totally awesome.
Now, it turns out that there were far more in the first group, and far fewer in the last group, than I expected.

So, what are they like? Awesome, of course! They taste like bacon coated in sugar. They start out sweet, then quickly pick up that smokey, meaty flavor. If someone else eats one, when they exhale, you can definitely smell bacon.

If you like bacon and jelly beans, I recommend them. If you don't, well... you're dead to me now!


Lynn Sinclair said...

Good for those vegetarians who are having trouble giving up their bacon. Hey, why not toss them on your Caesar salad?

bladio said...

i would be totally grossed out but then would try one.

Ash said...

I fall into category 1. I think that even if I ate meat I would still be in category 1. So are they actually vegetarian or do they have meat juice in them?