Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watching the Olympics

I don't like sports. There, I said it. But it's true; I just don't. Which is why it's crazy how much I watch the Olympics.

It's not patriotism. There's just something about these international athletes competing on the world stage that's so compelling. (Well, except for basketball and tennis where they let frikkin' pros play, but that's another story.) I loathe baseball, and yet I was watching a baseball game just because it was an Olympic game.

And I watch the Olympics, not the stupid filler crap. I do that because I live in Seattle, and therefore get CBUT, the Vancouver (British Columbia) station for the Canadian network, CBC. They show the actual events, not hours of how some runner trained for the games while sewing all his mom's clothes, or whatever.

If you're ultra-American, you might be turned off by the (wow, surprise) Canadian-centric view of the games and the athletes. But the bonus is smiling to yourself every time the announcers say Canadian-accented words like, "tomorrow", "about", and "sorry".

CBC is on my TV practically every minute I'm awake. All evening long watching the daytime events. In the morning before work watching the evening events. Friends and acquaintances all get the spiel about how much better CBC's coverage is (and they probably rolled their eyes the moment they saw this post). All I know is, I get to enjoy watching Olympic events, not network filler. Canada, I salute you.

I also blame you for making me want some Tim Hortons coffee.


CJ said...

I too love watching the Olympics and also think CBUT's coverage is much better. It pisses me off that NBC delays it. Why not play it live? Plus have you noticed how nice the Canadian announcers are? If there's no Canadian in the event they are always rooting for the US athlete. Lets all move to Canada, eh?

Tony Easton said...

Canada seems to be the way to go these days...one wonders why they just like to sit back and relax and not fight over such silly things as being the next world power...

Lynn Sinclair said...

Ha! We were in California when the Olympics started, and were stuck watching them on NBC. Hardly ever saw a Canadian athlete.

Ash said...

CBUT - do the Canadian's not see the humor in that station identifier? LOL!