Tuesday, July 29, 2008

American Idol

Yesterday after work, I was at the Park and Ride waiting for my bus. Among the other bus-waiters was a young (mid-20s) woman, wearing ear buds and obviously listening to music. I say "obviously" because she was singing.

She was oblivious to the fact that she mumbled and lowered her volume at the parts she didn't know as well, and belted out, at full volume, the parts that she did. The other bystanders and I exchanged looks and grinned, with an occasional snicker leaking out each time she startled us with a suddenly, passionately loud passage.

Raggs happened to call me, and she could hear the woman singing in the background. Over the phone. Then I started giggling and couldn't stop. Because the woman was singing like one of the rejects on the beginning shows of an American Idol season. She was really, really bad.

I was laughing at the hilarity of it all: the volume changes, the horribleness, and the utter lack of care that everyone around her was (hopefully) secretly snickering.

I am certain that, somewhere, she is totally oblivious as to why the paint is peeling.

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