Friday, July 18, 2008

Activity Corner

  • Ha ha ha, it's funny when you do a search that returns humorous stereotype results.

  • Speaking of funny searches, if you enter the right combination of ASCII characters into Google, your results are a picture.

  • Ten cool (and free) "magic" bar tricks.

  • Me am is Superman.

  • What is possibly the most-uttered word on reality TV shows? I'm not here to make friends.

  • Nerd alert! Graphing the results of searching for KHAAAAN!

  • A wrist rest for your mouse hand is practically standard equipment. But one that smells like a croissant?

  • From the Department of WTF comes the do-it-yourself instructions for a handgun-shaped Bluetooth handset, the iGiveUp.

  • I bet MacGyver uses a mowercycle.

  • Everyone knows about the leaning tower of Pisa. Apparently, it's a tourist thing to take your picture either pushing it or holding it up. But what if you take random pictures of people posing for these shots? You get some silly pictures.

  • The third installment of the animated adventures of Simon and his cat: TV Dinner.

  • The Japanese have a novel method of building demolition. Instead of imploding them (while more spectacular), they produce less pollution and recycle more materials by using huge jacks. Disassemble a floor, then lower the building, and repeat. It's called daruma-otoshi.

  • 9 Reasons Not to Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Crazy pizza combinations around the world.

  • A guy makes puppies go to sleep by singing to them.

  • The cat that tries to get the fridge to feed it by begging.

  • In the days before PhotoShop, artists had to do things by hand. These bygone days are preserved at the museum of forgotten art supplies.

  • When it comes to dirty cars, the most expressive most of us get is writing "wash me" in the dust. But not Scott Wade. He's the dirty car artist.

  • These days everyone looks at real estate on the web. So it's important to take good pictures of a property. Or so you'd think. Check out some questionable pictures at It's Lovely! I'll take it!

  • High heel shoes for babies? Yes.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

Some of these are hilarious! Favourites: Simon and his cat, and It's Lovely, I'll Take it.