Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Small Moving Part

I'm just a wee, tiny cog in a huge, global machine. And nothing can quite destroy all your company's mission statements and feel-good HR hype like a dose of good old-fashioned reality.

My company has done away with paper pay stubs. Ok, no big deal, right? Except in the course of trying to get hooked up with the online systems that support this new paperless wondersolution, I'm stymied at every turn. After working here a year and a half, I find out that I need four separate accounts and passwords. Email, VPN, Payroll, and intranet. So far, I have the email one. At least I'm still getting paid, even if I have to look it up in my online banking.

I've been on the phone to the helpdesk the last few days, and they promise me they're "working on it" and "escalating the ticket". I kinda feel like Indiana Jones at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Maj. Eaton: We have top men working on it now.
Indiana: Who?
Maj. Eaton: Top. Men.

And people are surprised when I say I hate computers...

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