Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Romelette

Time for a new cooksperiment!

I was challenged (jokingly) by a friend to make something with Ramen noodles. So I decided to break a few eggs and make a Ramen omelette... a romelette!

First, all the ingredients, including fresh dill from Mom's garden.

Chop the green onions, drain the mushrooms, boil the Ramen, and beat the eggs (adding the dill).

Saute the onions and mushrooms in a little EVOO.

Add the Ramen, then pour in the eggs.

Combine the ingredients well, cook until firm, then serve (with the ever-present Tabasco).

Lab notes section:

  • Technically, I guess it's a Ramelette, but if you spell it that way, you don't pronounce it right.

  • Also technically, I guess it's not so much of an omelette, since I cooked it together rather than folding the eggs over the filling.

  • As you might tell from the fourth picture, the eggs weren't too keen to mix it up with the Ramen. It took a bit of clever maneuvering to even out the ingredients.

  • The noodles add an interesting texture/flavor to the eggs. I didn't use the "flavor" packet, so that might add even more, if you're so inclined.

  • The noodles also add surprising bulk. It made two meals for me. Reheating in the microwave was easy, and the eggs didn't get rubbery like they normally do (when not Ramenized).

Would I fix it again? Probably not. I mean, it was quite tasty, but more of a novelty than a must-have.


Ash said...

Interesting. I love Ramen, but the only vegetarian kind they sell at my local store is the "Oriental" flavor, which tastes similar to the way old people smell. Not good. I make my Ramen with a vegetarian vegetable bouillon cube (Knorr is my favorite) instead of the seasoning packet. It's really good that way. I also use 3 cups of water instead of 2.

Anonymous said...

As strneg as it looks , I believe that it would taste awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh! I've made that before. It was the tastiest thing I've ever eaten. Although I was 16 at the time, and the day happened to be April 20th, but whatever..it was still pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I do: Cook the ramen without the spice packet, drain it, throw it in a big pan, crack in a few eggs, and the spice packet from the ramen, and scramble the whole thing with a spatula. I use chicken flavor ramen. I usually only make it after a night of drinking, but it always hits the spot. Also everyone is always afraid of it until they try it, then they love it.

J.D. Hammond said...

OMG it's like the shittiest egg fu young ever! I would totally eat that in a heartbeat. Perhaps this is to my shame.

VaudevillianSavant said...

The first time I cooked this it was sort of bland for me.

Then again I was also working with jarred dill instead of fresh.

After experimenting some I added some thinly sliced celery to the stir fry veggie mix and then used the ramen chicken flavoring and it worked out pretty nicely.

Thnx for the idea! It is indeed awesome to eat after a night of drinking.

Anonymous said...

I cooked this a little differently:
One thinly sliced hot dog, mixed into three eggs - but forgot to mix in the flavor packet! Poured into pan, then placed noodles evenly on top. Used a spatula to squeeze and mix the mixture into the noodles. Divided into halves to flip them, then cooked halves just long enough to seal in the goodness. Removed from pan and microwaved to cook the egg on the inside (that hadn't been cooked by the stove). Had to microwave it because it was pretty thick and I realized too late that the inside wasn't cooking. Had to use a lot of pepper and salt to give it some flavor (was REALLY bland). I'll give it another shot and add the flavor packet to the egg/meat mixture, and probably use sausage and Spam instead of a hot dog (all I had laying around).

Anonymous said...

I did this much differently. For one i didn't use any veggies. I also used beef ramen. I cooked the ramen first, just as if i was only eating the ramen. After the ramen ws finished i drained it and wisked the eggs. I then added all of the ramen into he eggs and mixed it some more. I then put it into the pan and placed a slice of cheese. I cookex it thouroughly and flipped it in half. This waz easily one of the best things i have ever eaten.