Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Game

This is not the typical Friday game you've come to know and love here, but it still should be a fun exercise because it involves audience participation. It's the Random Band Generator Game. Here's how you play:

  1. Go to Wikipedia and in the upper left "navigation" box, click "Random article". This is your band name.

  2. Go to the Random Wodehouse Quote Page for a (duh) random quote. Use no more than 8 words at the beginning of the quote. You can use fewer than 8, just not more. This is the album title.

  3. Go to the Flickr Explore page for a random picture. This is your album cover.

In the comments, post your band name and album title, and link to the picture (right-click on the picture, select Copy Shortcut, paste into comment).

This should be fun.


NuclearToast said...

Ok, I'll go first.

Band Name: Strayhorn
Album Title: In However Deep a Reverie
Album Cover: Click here

Anonymous said...

Band Name: Tata
Album Title: It is fortunate
Album Cover: Click here

Kent Walter said...

Totally just started a black metal band...

Band Name: Dvorany nad Nitrou
Album Title: There Was a Howl of Fury...
Album Cover:Click here

Anonymous said...

Band Name: King George V Playing Fields

Album Title: Uttered a sound much like a bull dog

Album Cover: Click here

Unknown said...

Aww yeah!

Band Name: Nordic Skiing at the 1952 Winter Olympics
Album Title: The Right Hon
Album Cover: Click here

Shannon Perry said...

Band Name: Pa Sak River
Album title: I would like to have called him
Album cover: Click here

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. And most of these I could totally see sitting in the store.

Band Name: Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers
Album Title: He was built on large lines
Album Cover: Click Here

Anonymous said...

Uh, it looks like I botched the URL. Guess Flickr doesn't like direct linking.

Album Cover: Click Here

CJ said...

Band Name: Aloe Ballii
Album Title: stalks naked through the dark alleys

DK said...

Band name: Cypher in the Snow (an actual band - word!)
Album title: "Fell into the washing machine"
Album cover: Here

Anonymous said...

Band name: Anders Theil

Album title: Burnt Poetry (taken from a longer quote)

Album cover: