Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coworker Roundup

  • Co-worker complaining about the restroom. "I work with cavemen! Not flushing the urinal: bad. Leaving all kinds of remains in the toilet without taking care of business: inexcusable!"

  • Co-worker does something amusing/embarrassing. "This better not show up on your blog!"

  • Co-worker reflecting on the cafeteria running out of taco bowls, carrying his taco salad heaped on a burrito shell, tostada-style. "It's just like a taco bowl, just less bowl-y."

  • Co-worker commenting on the latte cart and the dozens and dozens and dozens of donuts in the lobby. "We don't ask questions. If we're dead in an hour, then you know it was a trap."

  • Co-worker responding to a question about his lunch date. "I said I was going out with 'a friend,' not 'A GIRL!'"

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