Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bacon, Unbound

I seem to have a sub-theme running just below the surface of this blog, and it is bacon. Why fight the inevitable?

Everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians have their facon. "But NT," you say, "cooking bacon is such a pain. How can I enjoy its tasty deliciousness when I'm not near a kitchen, or perhaps a Denny's?"

The answer, it turns out, is canned bacon.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've seen this already, but I figured I'd post it just in case:

The Canned Hamburger

Lynn Sinclair said...

Like bacon, hate the greasy cooking mess. I already buy the pre-cooked bacon in a package:

Maple Leaf Ready Crisp

NuclearToast said...

Lynn, yes, pre-cooked bacon is all the yum without the mess!

Mr. Domino, of course! First posted here, and a link to a review here.

CJ said...

Love the idea, but two problems. 1) I like crispy bacon
2) I like the way it makes my house smell when cooking it

You know you can also buy a splatter screen at Ikea for about a buck....

Anonymous said...

Hah, of course! Go figure, I probably heard about it from you in the first place!