Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Hate Change

I hate change. And not just the kind that means something different in my life, but specifically the kind that hangs out in my pocket. It's heavy, it jingles, and it's hard to get rid of once you have it.

I just spent the weekend in Vancouver, BC, with Raggs. (She ran a marathon. She's amazing.) The Canadians have a propensity to give you extra change back, since they've got their Loonies and Toonies (one- and two-dollar coins, respectively). What a great way to spend the weekend, feeling like I was lugging around Jack Sparrow's sack of doubloons in my pocket.

On the bright side, if the US dollar continues its decline, I've got a head start on some hard currency speculation.


Anonymous said...

Here I thought you were just happy to see apohle.

Troy Hickman said...

I'm going to Vancouver on Thursday. If you'd just waited, I would've let you buy me lunch...