Friday, April 25, 2008

Doing It for the Intarwebs

From the Holy $@#%ing Shit department comes word that, in order to help drum up support for Internet Neutrality, a sexy girl named Tania is offering to deflower virgins that help defend the 'net. That's what I call putting her money where her... um... well, you get the idea.

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out, "Hells yeah!" from their mothers' basements. Seriously, this is likely to unleash a tidal wave of geek rage against The Man, the likes of which have only been imagined before.

Check out the for reals at Don't Stay a Virgin.

Edit: Just let me say that if this is a hoax, the backlash from geek virgins will make the coming zombie apocalypse look like a day at Disneyland. Also, I looked up the country code of the contact phone number; it's for Belgium.

1 comment:

Lynn Sinclair said...

Well, at least she's only making the offer to virgins, 'cause otherwise, you know, the whole thing would be just too overwhelming for one woman.