Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It's weird being a techgeek in an increasingly technological society. Mostly because there are parts of it I reject in one form or another. For example:

  • iPod/iTunes. I rip my CDs the old-fashioned way and copy files to my MP3 player. I don't need your stinkin' device and application to do it! That goes for you too, Zune.

  • TiVo. It's a combination of being too cheap to pay for a monthly service to record two shows a week, and being too lazy to hook yet another device up to my TV and the internet. I still use a VCR because it's easy and cheap.

  • Texting. Oh sure, Raggs and I enjoyed a spurt of texting recently, but that's because she had no access to email or IM during the day. Now that she has email, texting is back in the "last resort" category.

  • Facebook/MySpace. Social networking sites are for people who are social. Since I'm a misanthrope, I really don't care what other people are doing, and am fine with them not knowing what I'm doing. Current mood: apathetic.
But I still love technology in general. For example, do I want these Sennheiser wireless earbuds? Hell yes!

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Shannon Perry said...

Admit it: you don't like texting because it cost 15 cents per message. 15 CENTS!