Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Forward

This coming Sunday, March 9th, we here in the States begin Daylight Saving Time by setting our clocks ahead one hour. While it can be a bummer (an hour's sleep, lost!), it also heralds the longer days of summer just around the corner.

Some trivia:

  • Technically, it's Daylight Saving Time (not Saving=s=, plural).

  • Studies have shown that DST doesn't save energy. It does reduce evening lighting requirements, but that is offset by higher energy-load costs for cooling.

  • Studies have shown that DST reduces traffic, and particularly pedestrian, fatalities.

  • DST is not observed in Arizona or Hawaii, or in the US Territories of Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Marianna Islands.

  • For all the grief I give when I say, "It's only an hour, people!", apparently circadian rhythms can be disrupted for up to several weeks. Geez, adapt already!
Good luck getting all your clocks set. I always seem to miss one somewhere...


CJ said...

does this mean when when at the bar this Saturday night/Sunday morning they'll stop serving booze an hour early? fooey. Better drink a few shots right before 1!

Lynn Sinclair said...

It seems early this year -- wasn't it always in April? I'm looking forward to longer days, sandals and living in a jacket-free zone. And considering we're in for a major snow storm this afternoon, those days are even more appealing.