Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse!

If you live in the US, tonight you should be able to see (local weather permitting) a total lunar eclipse. That's when the moon passes through the earth's shadow.

I'll spare you the geeky details and won't use words like umbra and penumbra, but the eclipse comes in two phases. You can see more about it at the official NASA page.

Here in the Seattle area, we're actually expecting clear weather. A quick timeline (Seattle/Pacific time):

Moonrise: 5:05pm
Eclipse begins: 5:43pm
Totality begins: 7:01pm
Totality ends: 7:51pm
Eclipse ends: 9:09pm

These things are kinda rare, so much so that I'll actually leave my computer tonight to check it out. I might even open my blinds.

I know!

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Shannon Perry said...

Can you say "penumbra" on the internet?