Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time and Temperature

With all the cold weather, snow, rain, and blustery wind the Seattle area has received lately, one thing that seems to be on everyone's mind is, "How cold is it?" Now for those of you that live in places that measure temperatures with minus signs in front of them, it may not seem like much of a big deal, but it is. It's all relative.

So anyway, where's a good place to find the current temperature where you are? If you're in suburbia, which is most of the Seattle area, your friendly neighborhood bank branch probably has one of those time/temperature displays. Easy peasy.

My question is, what banking organization created the standard which says all banks must have these things? Is it part of their accredidation? Or just a bank version of keeping up with the Joneses?

One thing's for certain, though. If you really want to know what temperature it is, you'll either be going by too fast or the light will change and all you'll see is Celsius. Doh!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and then when you look in your rearview mirror, you have to think to hard about if that was a 2 or a 5.