Thursday, February 28, 2008


I like me some Bejeweled, both the original and the new extra crispy. So much so that I actually paid for the game and downloaded it to my cellphone.

I play it on the bus. Or while I'm waiting for our take-out order at the Vietnamese restaurant. Or pretty much anywhere I have a few minutes to burn.

See, the game is addictively easy. Just bloop, bloop, bloop. And when I need to return focus to the real world, just shut the flip on my cellphone and it saves the game. So I can jump right back in where I left off the next time.

Yesterday, I hop on the bus, open my phone, and hit Resume. I've been on a roll this game, and am on track for a new entry on the high scores list. I flip one combination of jewels and am immediately met with the game-ending, "No more moves!"

After several seconds, I realized I should probably close my mouth.

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