Friday, February 08, 2008

Activity Corner

  • Even in todays electronic world, paper currency ("bank notes", or "bills" to us Yanks) is ubiquitous. Can you use notes to convey an idea? Check out the results at

  • Science geek alert! Scroll down to start at the bottom (Earth) and then work your way up to the top (the Big Bang) in the scale map of the universe.

  • One nerd realized his dream, buying a "brand new" never-been-opened Apple IIc, almost 20 years old. Apple IIc unboxed.

  • In England, your back yard is known as your garden. And most gardens have a shed. Some people are really proud of their shed. So, of course, there's a gallery of them at Reader Sheds.

  • Top 8 most amazing treehouses.

  • Ha ha ha, stoners are funny! Especially when they try to rig up a turbo bong.

  • Is playing Hangman on paper just too last century for you? Then you need the new Hangman 3D.

  • If you're looking for a small form-factor PC, you might investigate the award-winning Stealth 450.

  • Put the fun back in mealtime with the Zing! food fight spoon.

  • If you take pictures, you know how important it is to not move your camera. Yet hauling around a bulky tripod, or even a monopod, can be a pain. Check out this video for an amazing stabilization system that costs less than a dollar: the DIY camera stabilizer.

  • Computer case modding can go to some lengths for inspiration. Like this geek, who pays tribute to 1930s deco Bayard mantle clocks with his Pico Bayard computer.

  • Don't let carpal tunnel get you down! Strengthen your soft, geeky hands with the Xtensor!

  • After the orphan sock posts on this and other blogs, and knowing Ash's propensity for sock creatures, here are 14 uses for orphan socks.

  • The seven habits of highly effective spaceship captains.

  • The missing Jesus statue. Worth watching just because there's a ransom note involving "wiener poopie".

  • If you have kids, or are a big one yourself, you might enjoy the crazy paper toy.

  • Today is the day. Yeah, I don't get it either.

  • Announcing a fast food technological breakthrough. Chicken nuggets and soda in the SAME CUP!

  • The bacon scarf.

  • The most advanced USB toy of 2008? Why, it's the USB boxer.

  • Vegetarians, avert your eyes. It's the bacon pig!

  • Many in the Puget Sound area have seen the famous video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse in 1940. What many don't know, however, is the original movie was shot in color. Read more about Galloping Gertie.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't even tell you how hard I laughed at the Jesus staute/ wiener poopie. OMG! Seriously? Jesus will remain unharmed if you pick up your wiener poopie!? I can't believe that it made the news, for wiener poopie sakes....