Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stuffed Toast

My friends Ash and DK got me this really cool plush toast critter for Christmas:

Stuffed toast

Here's what his tag has to say about him:

No. 116
Name: Toast
From: Bakersfield
Toast is a heal [sic] from a loaf of wheat bread so he is always getting left behind. Toast doesn't care though, he is a tough gogetter [sic]. He doesn't wait around for anyone anymore. He likes to just get out there and try new things and see what adventures the day has in store for him. He is always positive about every situation and never gets upset.

He's from BAKERSfield, get it? Ha ha ha ha! Oh little plush toast, you are my new best friend. Now we just need to get you a nuclear symbol tattoo...


Shannon Perry said...

Why is it every time I get near this little toy, he heads straight for my hips?

Ash said...

I'm so glad you like him! :) Be careful, he is allergic to butter!