Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Japanese Cats

The Japanese love their cats, but unlike us North Americans, they 1) breed them to have wee tiny ears, and 2) they like to dress up their cats in costumes.

You can mock the costumes while you admire the attention to detail and craftsmanship. I have no idea what the page says, but the pictures provide all the information we need. (You can even try clicking on some other parts of the page to see dog-related items.)

Have fun exploring at what I think is called Pet Office.


CJ said...

the people that do this to their kitties must be the same people that put their cats in strollers and take them for walks. Wacky!

Ash said...

I think those cats are called Scottish Folds.

The Japanese must also breed their cats to be extremely docile. If I tried to dress my cats up like that, I would end up in the ER. You can just see the “does not want!!!” written all over their little faces. ;)

Lynn Sinclair said...

Poor kitties. How very humiliating.