Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hip Office

Everyone where I work has a laptop. They walk around the halls with them, take them to meetings, even catch up on email while they're eating lunch in the cafeteria. I'll frequently see someone standing in the hall, balancing their laptop on one arm while laboriously hunt-and-peck typing with the other hand.

This sort of one-handed computing, not to mention the health effects of sitting at your desk all day, promise to be eliminated by the new LINDO hip office.

Although I'm not sure that the poorly-translated doctor's warning at the top of the page does anything to promote the product. Is it healthier to take your monotonous sitting screen job with you everywhere, literally attached at the hip? Or, as in the second picture, sitting in a chair? Presumably, it's good for you to sit in other chairs.


Ash said...

Wow - that is really dumb!

DK said...

Hmmm... that is actually kinda cool.