Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electronic Recycling

That's right, eco-pals, a serious post! Many of us geeks generate a lot of electronic waste in the form of old PCs, cellphones, PDAs, and so on. But finding an electronic recycler in your area can be such a hassle! Well, thanks to our trusty friend, the intarwebs, I've found a site that will accept these devices and recycle or re-use them for you.

The good news? They pre-pay the shipping, so it costs you nothing. The better news? You might even get a "reward", their term for how much they'll pay you for your junk. You can't get much easier than that.

So if you have unwanted computers, cellphones, laptops, or flat-panel monitors to dispose of, please check out My BoneYard.

1 comment:

Lynn Sinclair said...

Super idea. I took our old pc to the waste management/recycling place near us. It was a virtual computer graveyard--huge bins almost toppling with used equipment.