Wednesday, December 12, 2007

World Domination, Part Deux

After the previous game of Risk, my officemate designed a new, local edition of Risk for us to play. Crappy cellphone picture, but you get the idea:

Risk, local edition


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the principality of Mukilteo shown as it's own territory and not swallowed up in "blue collar" Everett. I mean come on... It's got it's own ferry terminal and everything!

DK said...

That is really cool. They should do with Risk what they did with Monopoly and have a version for every college/city/planet.

Ash said...

Very cool!

ParticleJam said...

I'm just wondering if there are any special rules for this version? Like:

1. Whomever owns the Bellevue/Eastside (hard to tell from this pic) gets huge army bonus for the Microsoft territories, but those armies have to do a special roll before use to determine if they crashed? (lame Microsoft joke)

2. Actually, I'm surprised that Microsoft isn't listed as it's own country...

3. Before using the links that indicate the ferry system you have to roll to see if the ferry is actually working that day?

4. If you own Seattle, occasionally your army comes to halt as they are forced to do some random "green" event. And you get a penalty for any environmental damage you do.

5. Tacoma.... nah, too easy. Nobody wants Tacoma.

Still, pretty darned cool. It would be fun to do a game with the Northwest States and Canada. I think watching someone make a huge invasion from Canada would be very funny. Or the thought of Idaho taking on Oregon.

Also - bonus points to the person who made this. Considering where you work I was impressed it's a hand drawn and colored map, instead of something fancy generated in Photoshop and printed at a large-scale printer at Kinkos!

CJ said...

um, do you guys work? I would love to work somewhere I get to color and make up board games. Send me an application.