Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trolley Trash

The Park and Ride at the work end of my daily bus commute is often host to discarded shopping carts. The nearest store is at least a quarter mile away, but the other day, there were five carts dumped in the greenery near the bus stops. One from Fred Meyer, one from Whole Foods, and three from Target.

What is wrong with people? Ok, I get it that the stores are a bit of a hike, and it's hard work to actually carry their purchases. Or do they buy so much that they can't carry it all? Either way, I think we're dealing with some serial shoppers here.

I wonder how (or even if) the carts make their way back to their respective stores. They do seem to disappear infrequently. But in my anger at people who, for whatever reason, fail to follow the etiquette of civil shopping, I derive a little pleasure thinking of those people at their destination as they unload all their loot off the bus onto the sidewalk, and then stand there staring at it, blinking as they gradually realize they have no way to get all their stuff home.

Sherpas are in such short supply these days!


Ash said...

I wonder if it's someone's job to drive to the park and ride to retrieve carts?

Lynn Sinclair said...

I remember reading something about a service that rescues kidnapped shopping carts. The stores pay a ransom to have their carts returned.

CJ said...

do you know those carts cost like $100? That's why in Canada you have to put in a Luney deposit for the cart that's reimbursed to you after returning the cart.