Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reflections on "Get a Life"

As a huge computer nerd, video gamer, and general all-around geek, I've heard my share of "Get a life!" from people. You know, the ones who think that exercise and socializing and exposure to daylight somehow make you a real person. Well, fear not, for my fellow geeks have come up with some fine ripostes to this standard put-down.

  • "I'll get a life when I determine it's better than the one I already have."

  • "Get a life? I'm a gamer, I have unlimited lives!"

  • "Get a life? I HAVE a life! It just so happens that escapism is a major part of it!"

So take that, you big meanies!


Lynn Sinclair said...

I had a life onced--it's not nearly as great as it's cracked up to be.

DK said...

unlimited lives... lol

Anonymous said...

"Why? It doesnt seem to be working so well for you." is my favorite comeback.