Friday, November 09, 2007

Activity Corner


Bri said...

I look forward to your activity corner every Friday. Thank You so much. You help make my day a little more interesting.

Oh and Ashley should love the Henry Rollins footage. I cant wait to hear what she thinks about it.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Ohhh...kitty stuff.

Ash said...

OMG - ROFL about the cat that eats with a fork! This is the way we wash our paws, wash our paws... I would not blame that lady's husband at all if one day he snapped!

Henry Rollins, why do you have frozen animals in your freezer? I do understand that most households have frozen animals in their freezer, but not with the fur still on them!?!?!? I guess he has reptiles to feed, but that doesn't explain the frozen snake. Yikes.