Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quote Roundup

After I was admonished by Raggs for stealing her blog post, I thought I'd continue blog mining. Here are a few things so funny that I wish I'd come up with them. Well maybe I did, but someone else did first.

Kyle Haight says:

You Know You're A Geek When...
... you're listening to a history lecture on the Reformation and you have to fight down the urge to ask the teacher why Superman didn't do anything to stop the spread of Lutheranism.

Tycho Brahe writes:

I picked up my copy of Phantom Hourglass yesterday, along with a Cinnabon, returning later to buy another Cinnabon for a "friend who really likes cinammon," proceeding to eat both in the front seat of my car, sometimes honking inadvertently.

Matthew Baldwin chimes in with:

July 25, 2007
2007 New Year's Resolution
Stop procrastinating.

And in a post seemingly tailor-made for me, Dong Resin asks:

Dawn of the Bread

Does bread know that it is bread? Or does it long to be wheat? At which point does it become toast? Is the moisture which escapes when you toast it the soul of the bread leaving dead toast behind?

Is the smell of toast in the kitchen a haunting by the long since bread?

A definition I like: Originality is the art of concealing your source. I guess I have to work on that a bit.

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Shannon Perry said...

Great. I'm already a vegetarian, and now I can't even eat a piece of toasted bread without guilt? Jeeeeeez!