Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She Blinded Me with Sunlight

There's a long history of people promoting concoctions and weird practices that supposedly cure what ails you, and help keep you in good health. But I've found one that really takes the cake.

It's called sungazing. Basically, you stare into the sun, and soon you're awash with the physical glow from our spiritual, healing sun. Yeah, the same one you're taught not to look directly at, unless you want to go blind.

I have to admit, this dude has done his research. But it's really hard to absorb all this information when your brain is screaming, "Wait, WHAT?" the entire time you're reading it.

Check it out for yourself: Sungazing, aka Sun Gazing, Solar Gazing, Sun Staring, Solar Yoga

But don't let my opinion sway you. Maybe I'm just jealous from living in Seattle and never actually seeing the sun.

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Ash said...

That seems like a bad idea.