Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Of all my pet peeves, I think the whole "apostrophes make everything plural" is one of my pettest (and perhaps pettiest).

I work with a lot of very smart people, but I could choke all of them to death with their own apostrophes. Gladly.


CJ said...

Speaking of proper use of an apostrophe, I hate it when people write, "your welcome". Seriously? Didn't you learn about contractions in 2nd grade English class? And why don't you just use the grammar and spelling wizard before you send an email?

Ash said...

Tru dat! Gramma' iz da shiznit ;)

I like pointing out the frequent, inappropriate use of “quotation” marks!

NuclearToast said...

Inappropriate quotation marks? You mean like "here"?

Shannon Perry said...

I just saw one today in an older Seattle Time's newspaper: "Modern Day Mechanic's Know Nothing about Asbestos." (something like that; I don't remember exactly.) I mean, the Times?! Come on!