Friday, September 21, 2007

Activity Corner

  • I'd seen these pictures passed around in email, but now they're on an easy-to-use website! Vegetable art.

  • Do you know who Chris Crocker is? Unless you're a serious YouTuber, you may not have seen this young gay man with the weird hair. His latest video sensation is Leave Britney Alone. Of course, it's been the subject of much parody, even from the likes of Seth Green.

  • Lolcat leetspeak plus dinosaurs plus Sunday School... it's Sweet Raptor Jesus.

  • What better way to show you're above your fellow man than to sport one of these expensive meteorite watches.

  • It may be a clever ad or promotion, but it's also an accurate depiction of How Marketing Works.

  • If you really get into Halloween, the devil is in the details. Here's a great tutorial on how to make witch kitchen jars.

  • Speaking of Halloween, why get all dressed up when you can just wear a t-shirt? 80s Tees has some awesome Star Wars offerings: Stormtrooper, R2 D2, and Darth Vader.

  • From the seeing-is-believing department: A Bangkok market shares real estate with a train.

  • Many people are always looking for new screensavers. How about an interactive 3D Tetris-like Lego screensaver? You can get it here.

  • What every website needs. Internet warning symbols.

  • I may not take my trash out ever again!

  • Have fun with the anagram generator.

  • It's no surprise that some people really get into "tailgating" at sports events. Unfortunately, like anything else, some people get into it waaay too much. But hey, if that's your thing, you'll love Gameday Customs.

  • Here's one for Ash: sock monkey art.

  • Bollywood movies are probably some of the most outlandish and hilarious genre there is, especially if you're into mocking stuff like I am. First, it's Hindustan Superman (with Spiderwoman). Next, Sylvani hooked me up with this crazy Yoga versus Kungfu vid that's dubbed... in French!

  • Get your comic book geek on with the Secret Wars Re-enactment Society!

  • You may not realize it, but next Tuesday is an important day. Streets will be deserted as millions of gamers guzzle their Mountain Dew and worship at the altar of Halo 3.

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