Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

This week the title goes to apohle. Grats!

See the original image here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Activity Corner

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Meme-ing of Life

How does one keep up with all the latest fads and memes on the intarwebs? I'm not sure; even though I spend a lot of time out there, I have a hard time staying current myself. But after the whole Chris Crocker "Leave Britney Alone" thing from last week, I thought I'd pass on a couple.

Rickrolled means being sent somewhere you weren't expecting and seeing the music video of Rick Astley's 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up." So named because of his trademark dance move, or roll, in the video. Do you want to see some really cute puppies? Click here!

Chocolate rain refers to an amateur named Tay Zonday who uploaded his original song of the same title to YouTube in April. It's been viewed over 9 million times and has been the subject of hundreds of parodies. Once you watch it (his voice!) you'll be singing, "Chocolate raaaaiiiinnnn!"

Edit: I forgot to add the "OVER NINE THOUSAAAAANNNND" one. Whenever anyone gives a number, you have to pump it up to over 9000. The short clip made famous is Prince Vegeta from the anime series Dragon Ball Z.

And yes, it's true. Lolcats and YouTube are taking over the world.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tastes Like Heart Attack!

For those that worship the bacon cheeseburger and the donut, your dreams have come true. A one-pound hamburger topped with bacon and cheese and sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts, ostensibly invented by Luther Vandross, is now simply known as the Luther burger.

What is not clear, however, is how you unhinge your jaw to actually take a bite of this monstrosity.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She Blinded Me with Sunlight

There's a long history of people promoting concoctions and weird practices that supposedly cure what ails you, and help keep you in good health. But I've found one that really takes the cake.

It's called sungazing. Basically, you stare into the sun, and soon you're awash with the physical glow from our spiritual, healing sun. Yeah, the same one you're taught not to look directly at, unless you want to go blind.

I have to admit, this dude has done his research. But it's really hard to absorb all this information when your brain is screaming, "Wait, WHAT?" the entire time you're reading it.

Check it out for yourself: Sungazing, aka Sun Gazing, Solar Gazing, Sun Staring, Solar Yoga

But don't let my opinion sway you. Maybe I'm just jealous from living in Seattle and never actually seeing the sun.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Forever Silent

Marcel Marceau passed away this weekend. I wonder what his last words were?

Caption Contest

Caption contest

"I hope that's just something in his pocket."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

This week's winner is Hurley182, proving the scattershot approach can work.

See the original image here.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Activity Corner

  • I'd seen these pictures passed around in email, but now they're on an easy-to-use website! Vegetable art.

  • Do you know who Chris Crocker is? Unless you're a serious YouTuber, you may not have seen this young gay man with the weird hair. His latest video sensation is Leave Britney Alone. Of course, it's been the subject of much parody, even from the likes of Seth Green.

  • Lolcat leetspeak plus dinosaurs plus Sunday School... it's Sweet Raptor Jesus.

  • What better way to show you're above your fellow man than to sport one of these expensive meteorite watches.

  • It may be a clever ad or promotion, but it's also an accurate depiction of How Marketing Works.

  • If you really get into Halloween, the devil is in the details. Here's a great tutorial on how to make witch kitchen jars.

  • Speaking of Halloween, why get all dressed up when you can just wear a t-shirt? 80s Tees has some awesome Star Wars offerings: Stormtrooper, R2 D2, and Darth Vader.

  • From the seeing-is-believing department: A Bangkok market shares real estate with a train.

  • Many people are always looking for new screensavers. How about an interactive 3D Tetris-like Lego screensaver? You can get it here.

  • What every website needs. Internet warning symbols.

  • I may not take my trash out ever again!

  • Have fun with the anagram generator.

  • It's no surprise that some people really get into "tailgating" at sports events. Unfortunately, like anything else, some people get into it waaay too much. But hey, if that's your thing, you'll love Gameday Customs.

  • Here's one for Ash: sock monkey art.

  • Bollywood movies are probably some of the most outlandish and hilarious genre there is, especially if you're into mocking stuff like I am. First, it's Hindustan Superman (with Spiderwoman). Next, Sylvani hooked me up with this crazy Yoga versus Kungfu vid that's dubbed... in French!

  • Get your comic book geek on with the Secret Wars Re-enactment Society!

  • You may not realize it, but next Tuesday is an important day. Streets will be deserted as millions of gamers guzzle their Mountain Dew and worship at the altar of Halo 3.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

IM Laughing

One of the great things about instant messaging is experiencing that in-the-moment humor.

Raggedy Angst says:
     I has a vcr

[many minutes go by]

Raggedy Angst says:

I can only hope she didn't find it on her doorstep.

Movie Raps

I came across to hilarious rap videos from Star Wars and Harry Potter. I LOLed, and you might too. Just a warning about language, so don't play Star Wars on the speakers at work if you like your job.

This one is downright nasty. I mean really dirty. You might skip it if you have sensibilities. But the impressions are pretty good.
Darth Vader Rap

This one is just funny, and safe for all.
Harry Potter in the Hood

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Avast, me hearties! T'day is Talk Like A Pirate Day, it is. So be off with ye, and tie a scurvy dog to the yardarm!

Happy Birthday, Smiley

The smiley :-) turns 25 today. On September 19, 1982, at 11:44am, Scott E. Fahlman sent the email with his suggestion for indicating when someone was making a joke in the text-only world. See the email, the man, and the history at the Carnegie Mellon shrine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not Quite Six Million Dollar Man

Those that know me in person have heard me go on and on about my "broken" wrist. I use the quotes there because I actually shattered the base of the ulna. I had surgery to put a "plate" in my wrist, actually a T-bar with eight screws. All titanium. And no, it doesn't set off the metal detectors at the airport.

Here are pictures I took of the xrays. Click for biggerness.

You can see the shatter lines and a spur in the middle one. Cool, huh?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Caption Contest

Caption contest

She lived by her Mom's advice of putting her best foot forward.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

Apohle steals the title this week. Good job!

See the original image here.

Activity Corner

  • Raymond Crowe, Australia's only "unusualist", demonstrates his talent in the amazing hand shadow show.

  • Afraid of being attacked? Pepper spray canisters too hard to use or get to in a hurry? Then get the Stunning Ring. Just be careful when putting in your contact lenses.

  • "All work and no play makes Homer something something."
    "Rhetoric?" "Don't mind if I do!"

  • Their tagline says, "Reviews of anything in 17 syllables." Which, of course, means Reviews in Haiku.

  • Unnamed celebrities try to fit in, incognito, at Burning Man.

  • When people ask me why I'm a misanthrope, I point at other people. The Scariest Thing I've Ever Seen.

  • They're funny, lame, emo and poignant. They're (ostensibly) true stories told in one sentence.

  • Ok, this one's a little long, but it illustrates my point that people who "know how the system works" and go looking for trouble can usually find it: Arrested at Circuit City. The best comment is from Tim. Stupid internet hippies trying to join a non-cause to stick it to the man.

  • Oh, how cute! It's a Swiss Army knife knockoff for women!

  • I knew sold a lot of books, but I didn't know it sold them by the pallet. The free shipping and steep discount are almost enough to make me order The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection. That and, you know, if I read books.

  • Some say nothing is foolproof, or escapeproof. Houdini dog proves the latter.

  • The Coelacanth is known as "the living fossil". Believed to be extinct, it was "discovered" in 1938. Now, Japanese scientists using a submersible have video of one in its natural habitat.

  • What? How can they have these mobile espresso carts in The Netherlands, but not here in Seattle?

  • Popular Mechanics offers their list of 25 Skills Every Man Should Know. Looks like I have some learnin' to do.

  • Ok, this web tool is really cool. You upload a picture, and it automatically generates a complementary color palette.

  • Get your geek on with the Seven Wonders of the IT World.

  • Learning English in Taiwan: Can't Touch This! Presumably they'll learn rhythm later.

  • 21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle.

  • Dark Horse Comics interprets H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" as an online ecomic.

  • Tattoos aren't just for cool people; nerds get them too. Meaning the subject matter is nerdy as well: TV tattoos.

  • Take parts from old airplanes and turn them into furniture? You can purchase cool stuff (like a B-52 ejection seat) at Moto Art.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everything Has A Purpose

Doggy Poo Description from
This charmingly eccentric cartoon from Korea features a little mound of dog poo on a quest to find meaning and purpose in his life. Left all alone on the side of the road and feeling abandoned and helpless, he believes his life is without value. Luckily, the despondent poo is befriended by a dandelion sprite who helps him recognize his worth. The film includes a behind-the-scenes documentary, music video, alternate endings and more.

I know you want to see more, so here's the trailer.

I weep for humanity. Or I would, if I cared.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Power of Adjectives

I overheard a heated discussion where some developers were trying to pinpoint a software problem. The two groups' arguments were clouded by their focused perspectives, until it slowly dawned on some of them that they were actually on the same side of the issue, just looking at it differently. Finally, one side's spokesperson calmed the other side's by saying, "Dude, we're violently agreeing with you!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Of all my pet peeves, I think the whole "apostrophes make everything plural" is one of my pettest (and perhaps pettiest).

I work with a lot of very smart people, but I could choke all of them to death with their own apostrophes. Gladly.

The World's Most Dangerous Roads

Dark Roasted Blend has a bunch of cool stuff (check the "Most Popular" links in the left column), but you'll marvel at the most dangerous roads.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Caption Contest

Caption contest

Iz on ur koffe stealin teh warmz

Friday, September 07, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

This was a tough week because there were so many good entries. And yes, I know the cops are taping the window back in, but after scientifically measuring the laugh track volume and duration for each entry, Raggedy Angst squeaked ahead as the winner.

See the original image here.

Activity Corner

Banana Shenanigans

When I read about the Banana Guard this week, I thought it seemed familiar. Well, a quick search of my old web site, and sure enough, I linked to their fine product in December 2004.

I'm interested in this idea, because I take a banana to work every day as a snack. But now that I ride the bus, it gets a bit abused in my backpack. I've often thought of a banana guard when buying my produce, but the wide variety of banana shapes made me think it's impractical.

So I was reading the FAQ on their site, which states that 90% of commercially available bananas will fit in their guard. Tucked neatly into their answer is the key: sometimes you have to bend them to fit. Cheaters.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reality's Not So Funny

With all the lolcat stuff going around the intertubes and becoming so mainstream and popular, it was only a matter of time before it folded back upon itself and addressed the hard, gritty truth. Behold realisticats.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Maps for US Americans Such As The Iraq...

The power of the internet and making fun of people has seen the Miss South Carolina Maps Question become the latest meme. There are t-shirts:



And, of course, a new web site set up so the "haves" can donate their maps to the US Americans that don't have maps: Maps For Us.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Caption Contest

Caption contest

Officer 1: "Hang on. Isn't the other guy supposed to be up against the car?"