Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting a Handle On It

Most new doors these days don't have knobs on them, but actual handles that you turn. All the doors in the building where I live and in the office park where I work are like this.

Raggs pointed out that when I use these doors, I don't do it the usual way. Instead of the palm-down-turn-down method, I use the palm-up-turn-up way. I never even thought about it until she mentioned it. So why does it seem natural to me?

After I broke my wrist, I learned to rely on my leverage a lot more, since I was doing everything left-handed. There's better leverage when you turn the handle up and pull; it's more unnatural and unbalancing, to me, to turn down and pull.

But I did discover something: Not all handles are created equal. Some will only turn down. That's a problem when you're in a hurry and expect to walk into the doorway, but instead walk into the door.


DK said...

I was wondering about that as I read this - what about those that only open down? It's like you asking to break your other wrist...

Ash said...

Or your nose - be careful of your nose!

bladio said...

once i had a ganglion cyst in my hand, right where my index finger met my hand, on the palm side. i had it for months. it was very small, like a pea. you couldn't see it, only feel it.

then one day at my old job (the one with dk and ash) i opened a door with one of those handles, and for whatever reason i just slammed my hand down on it - not on purpose - and i popped that ganglion cyst. it was weird. it didn't hurt.

i just read on wikipedia that "One traditional method of treating a ganglion cyst was to strike the lump with a large, heavy book, causing the cyst to rupture and drain into the surrounding tissues. Since even the poorest households usually possessed a Bible, it was most commonly used, which led to the nicknaming of ganglion cysts as "Bible Bumps" or "Gideon's Disease". This method of treatment is effective, but is no longer recommended, as patients risk damaging the surrounding area." i would link to the article but i don't know how to do links in HTML like you cool kids can.

this comment is just getting randomer and ramblingier.

Anonymous said...

I still close the damn car door with my elbow. You learn even more original ways to do things when you are in the full arm cast. You had it easy, Mr. I-Shattered-It-So-I-Got-Pins-And-A-Nifty-Titanium-Plate. You should have seen me try my hand, quite literally, at the can opener.