Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The word "blog" is already a verb, and the "blogosphere" refers to the collective universe of blogs. But what other words can apply to, and be co-opted for, blogging?

  • bloggership – The people who read your blog.

  • blogsponsibilities – The things you have to do to keep your blog going and please your bloggership.

  • blogcrastination – Putting off writing a new post for your blog.

  • blogsourcing – Having someone else write a blog post for you.

  • blogtrospection – Making a personal, soul-searching post about yourself on your blog.

  • blogment – A comment on a blog post. Also, making a comment on someone's blog post.

  • blogversation – Carrying on a dialog with your bloggership in your blogments.

  • blogument – Using one or more blog posts to answer or reply to someone else's blog post.

  • revisionist blogstory – Going back and editing a previously published blog post.

  • blogitalism – Using your blog to sell stuff for personal gain.

  • blogcess – Having your blog (or its subject) made into a book or a movie.

  • blogcycling – Re-using a blog post from one of your previous blog sites on your current blog site.

  • blogurbation – Constantly checking your blog for new blogments, making blogments about your blog on other blogs, and generally pimping your blog to the blogosphere.

  • bloogle – Googling for your blog. A subset of blogurbation.

  • blogor mortis – A blog that hasn't been posted to in over a year. It's dead, Jim.

What others can you think of? Dazzle us with your blogtelligence in the blogments.


Shannon Perry said...

Blogiarism Stealing a good line from someone funnier than yourself.

Blogontinence The inability to stop yourself from quoting lines from blogs by people funnier than yourself.

Blogastination Putting off work by blogging, or even worse, blogging about blogging. Also, putting off blogging by doing work (uncommon).

Anonymous said...

This is not a Blogocracy, it's a Blogtatership.

NuclearToast said...