Friday, August 03, 2007

All A-Loan

Raggs asked in her post what we have that we won't loan out.

First, I understand her pen thing. She's obsessed about fountain pens. I heard a monologue about how fountain pens wear according to how each person writes, so they can't be used by more than one person without affecting their character. Also, we've gone into countless stores just to stare longingly at fountain pens in glass cases. The girl's got it bad.

But loaning things to people? I don't loan anything because of a weird combination of factors. One, I'm obsessively possessive, so I don't like others to use my stuff. Two, I don't know that many people, so it reduces my pool of loanees. And three, I don't have anything that people I know would want to borrow anyway.

As always, there can be exceptions. Like that antique rotary mower, weebat; you know I want it back now that you have a real mower. And I loan t-shirts to Raggs all the time. You guys know what I mean.

Actually, there is one thing I give out freely, all the time, even when it's not asked for: my opinion. So there!


Shannon Perry said...

And try as we might, you won't take your opinion back. So it's more of a gift than a loan, really. Though "gift" might be stretching it a bit. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I think wrygi has been asking me to ask you if you want that mower back. It just seems so sad to leave it locked up in a condo all day where it can't even stare longingly at a lawn it might one day cut...