Friday, August 24, 2007

Activity Corner

It's Friday once again, so here's a load of stuff to keep you busy on the most productive day of the week!

  • Thinkgeek has lots of cool stuff, but now they're selling an actual chain mail t-shirt.

  • If you've got time for some reading, check out this forum thread. All you need read is the initial post, and then the masterful story told by "blu-tone". (He posts in multiple parts, just scroll down and read those, ignoring the rest. It's spellbinding.)

  • Top Gear is a British show about cars. They have a website too, where they've asked for pictures of the horrible things people do to their cars, just because they can. What's better, the pictures themselves or the snarky comments doused in English colloquialisms? Check out Carbage.

  • Just ride the meme, baby: Drop Kick Big.

  • Do you worry about home invaders in the night? But do you dislike firearms? Then what you need is a handy convertible bedside table. I wonder if the top comes in "bulletproof"?

  • From the Too Much Time On Their Hands department: Using the entire script of the movie, all hand lettered, a poster of The Godfather.

  • Those little carts that Flight Attendants roll down the aisle are being recycled for you to purchase at bordbar. Unfortunately, with shipping to the US, they cost around $1700.

  • Cats watching ping pong.

  • Spotted by NASA: the Death Star!

  • You'll be asleep at your keyboard in no time once you start playing with the sleep/relaxation mixer.

  • Hardcore rollerblading.

  • For Ash: Turning a VW bus into a pool table.

  • For Raggs: the vegetalien.

  • Funny bathroom signs.

  • Take the graphics from the lawyer game Phoenix Wright, add the 1986 audio routine by The Frantics, and you get Phoenix Boot.

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poor, poor Blu-tone.