Friday, July 20, 2007

What are you doing?

The window in my office has a spiderweb in one corner, on the outside. It's been really cool to observe the spider in residence, up close and personal.

Just now, a small bug got caught in the web. The spider zoomed out from her hiding spot to the center of the web, and plucked with her feet. I leaned in close to the window, watching while she used the vibrations to find the location of her now-prey, then deftly encased and retrieved her next meal, taking it back to her hiding place.

Then, I looked up to see my officemate staring at me with a quizzical "What the *bleep* are you doing?" look on his face.

"Spider caught a bug."

We both turn back to our computers. The spiderweb carries droplets from the now-steady rain. Tomorrow, I'll be in Hawaii. The clock, knowing it stands in my way, does its best to go slowly. The busy-ness of work is its foil. Ha, take that, clock!


Shannon Perry said...

just as long as your spider friend stays the hell away from my head. i don't want to talk about it.

DK said...

Great post - have a great trip!