Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now what?

It's the day after The Holiday, and attendance is much lower than usual. So what do you do to keep yourself occupied?

1. Relive yesterday. Sun, BBQ, fireworks... and laughing that A. carried a towel to wipe the slobber off her balls. Explain THAT, A.!
2. Chat on instant messaging so it sounds like you're work-typing.
3. Surf the internet. Already read the best of craigslist? Then try perusing office confessions.


Ash said...

Bocce balls! And they had dog slobber on them. You can't really blame the dogs though. You teach them practically from birth to chase balls. They don't understand that they aren't supposed to chase a certain type of ball!

OMG - Craig's List! Too effing funny! I love the 06 Jun 2007 - van - from your pizza delivery girl one!

Shannon Perry said...

That's funny -- wasn't E. (my E. as opposed to your A.) carrying a towel to wipe dog slobber off balls at T & A's party too? You guys are such squeams. Dog slobber is actually a mild decongestant when applied nasally.