Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Mind Consumed

Since we're leaving for Hawaii on Saturday, most every waking minute is taken up with thinking about the trip. Planning what to take. Thinking about seeing my family, snorkeling, waves and sand and sun. But above all else:

1. Raggs in a swimsuit.
2. No internet for 9 days.

I'm hoping #1 will take care of #2.

Edit: The rotating webcam thingy over there provided me with this gem.


Ash said...

OMG! No internet for NINE days?!?!?! Withdrawal! WITHDRAWAL!!! What will you do? If you want I can send tidbits of worthless but funny and interesting information to your cell phone in text messages so you will feel like you are surfing the net! :)

Shannon Perry said...

Please. I don't look that good in a swimsuit.

bladio said...

hawaii is awesome! have a great time!

pete checked the internet while we were in scotland. boooooo. silly pete!